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"My wife and I encountered a Southside advertisement taped on the side of a mail box in Summerside as we walked our dog. We are both historically athletic people who had become less active. We decided to give it a trial run for July 2012. The first class occurred during a typical Edmonton flash flood downpour, where I nearly talked myself out of going. We were introduced to our coaches and at the time, we had no idea how positively our lives would change.

I barely survived the first class, and in the days after felt soreness in muscles I didn’t even know I had. But it was worth it, and we continued to go back. We finished the 2012 Outdoor Boot Camp series doing Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes Saturday) sessions ending in the snow of October. We pushed ourselves, learned new skills and quickly noticed physical improvement (Weight loss of 20+ lbs for the both of us). We have since then continued to train with Southside indoors for the Group Training sessions, where we have continued to develop the skills that were established outdoors along with many new skills and movements.

All workouts are custom programmed so that no two days are the same. We have developed camaraderie and a healthy level of competition with our fellow participants who I would now consider to be friends.

Southside has a coaching style that is conducive to getting results. They are motivational, but also know when to push you. We would highly recommend Southside Conditioning to anyone who is looking to add fitness to their life."

- James and Erin Wright




“Throughout my entire life I‘ve considered myself fairly active. But, recently I didn’t make the time for myself and it reflected in the mirror and on the scale. I made the decision get my life back and step #1 was joining Southside's boot camp. After going to a few I was hooked, so I began training with her as well. In 3 short months she has helped me lose 30lbs pounds, countless inches and I won a weight loss challenge! These achievements are because of the dedication of Southside urging me to push myself, personalized fun workouts, challenging drills and most of all the encouragement never to quit. Thank you for making me a stronger woman.”

- Sheryce O'Shea




"Like most people; we join a gym but do we ever really go and when we do, do we get the proper workout or burn calories. This is why I joined Southside Conditioning Club for Personal Training and Group Training. They motivate me to do my best and each exercise is structured to make sure you get the most from the workout. She always changes it up so it's never the same old drills and I leave feeling great and energetic and I look forward to when I see her again. The groups are the perfect size for her to get to know you personally to achieve results. So props to Southside! Keep up the great work! Thank you,"

- Tonya Yuen




"I started working with Southside Conditioning Club in February of 2012 when I felt that I had gone as far as I could by myself. Southside has motivated me when I thought I couldn’t do something (especially lifting the heavier weights!) and I love seeing the changes my body has undergone (which at my age I didn‘t think would happen anymore). The time with them is well spent; I feel empowered when the sessions are over and have found that I am a much happier, more energized person."

- Linda Brunelle




“The before I began training with Southside Conitioning Club I was taking pain medication for fibromyalgia after being diagnosed with a mild form of the disease. It was at that point I decided not to be on opioids for the rest of my life and I joined Southside Conitioning Club with the intention of changing my lifestyle. The first few sessions were tough and I would take about four days to recover.

Then I noticed a change. Through their guidance my energy level has risen and my strength and endurance has greatly improved. I've lost weight and my fibromyalgia is not getting in the way as much as it used to. As a client I've noticed that everyone at Southside has a sincere personal interest in the well being of all their clients.”

- Darryl Webb




“I began taking group training classes in January 2013. I wasn't sure what to expect. But after the first class, I was addicted. My muscles have never been so sore, but I loved it. I tried other forms of exercising but always quit, or never got the results I was looking for. They changed my life. I'm healthier, stronger, and more confident.”

- Diana Ingram




"Everyone at Southside never makes you feel like you can't do something and always cheers you on, and never lets you give up! I have dropped 2 pant sizes because of them, and I couldn't imagine doing that on my own, or without someone as encouraging!"

- Nicky Faye



" I love training with Southside Conitioning Club! They push hard and is tough but they are respectful, supportive and the coaches keep us laughing. Their workouts are creative and challenging!!! I'm so glad we crossed paths!"


-Shelley Rowe



" I love my workouts with Southside Conitioning Club!! Pushes me to give 110% and always keeps us accountable!! Feel very lucky to have found them! "


- Daniele Bettio



" I had hit a plateau at the gym and it just didn't feel the same. Coming to SCC, and having amazing trainers like the ones at Southside Conitioning Club really helped me fall in love with the gym again. Their knowledge and willingness to answer all of my questions makes me is why I rate it 5+ stars out of 5! Definitely give them a try."


- Jon Fong



 "Southside Conditioning Club is a great place to work out, it has a small town atmosphere with very high quality training. A little about me first, a few years ago I weighed myself at 190 lbs it was the day I graduated University in 2010, it has always stuck with me. To a lot of people that isn’t that bad but I’m not a big framed guy, so it’s enough. I never really cared about my weight before; but that number scared me because my family has health related issues due to weight, and I didn’t want to end up like that. But I knew next to nothing about working out so I decided to work at a golf course on the grounds maintenance team and after a few months of walking greens and other manual labour I lost about 20 lbs and was feeling pretty good about myself. Eventually winter came and I was laid off, and because of this wasn’t doing much in the way of exercising as I obtained an office job. But the weird thing was I was still losing weight, quite rapidly actually, 165, 160, 155, etc., after some consultation from my family and friends I decided to go to the doctor the following January and after a bunch of tests throughout January to May. I was still losing weight at this time 140, 135, 130.  In May 2011 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, it is an inflammatory disease in the digestive system. By the time they were able to stabilize my condition so that I would stop losing weight I was essentially a shell of my former self and mercifully bottomed out at 110 lbs. That’s a loss of 80 lbs. in a year, it wasn’t planned or necessarily wanted, and the thing that really sucked was that it wasn’t all fat; a lot of it was muscle too, so I was left quite weak. I spent the next couple years eating like crazy and was really focused on getting my weight back up. I didn’t care how. I was finally put on a drug in 2014 and my weight jumped quite a bit because of it, but not in a healthy way, it went back up to 180 lbs. It was right around this time that I got a phone call from my mom saying that my uncle had had a heart attack, it was weight related. He made it ok, and has since taken to a more healthy lifestyle. But seeing him in that hospital, I knew that would be my future if I didn’t do something about it.


Right around that time I received an email from my wife about a gym that opened up right near where she worked. I checked it out, and it turned out to be Southside Conditioning Club. I decided to give it a try because they do it in a small group setting of 3-8 guys and girls, they offer Personal Training too, but it is a bit cheaper to work out in small group classes and that was a factor for me, so that’s what I chose to do. Also I thought it would be good to workout with people like me that just want to be better, or have similar goals. I had my consultation with Coach Kaitlyn and started the following week. I still didn’t know how to workout but Coach Kaitlyn and Jason began teaching me, and working with me. I started off slowly and went a couple times a week as they guided me on my fitness journey. I felt incredibly lucky to have found a place where the trainers are committed to each individual person’s safety and worked within my fitness level. They pushed me to do things that I didn’t think I could do and they still do, but in a safe way. It took a lot of time for me just to do some of the basic stuff but I finally found my groove a bit and started coming 4-5 times a week. Every single workout has been different; of course some of the same exercises are in there but never the same combination, and the best part is the workout is already put together by Kaitlyn and Jason so all I had to do was show up and do what they said to do. That was most definitely my biggest hang up about working out, I just straight up didn’t have a clue how to effectively do it. Eventually I learned that weight is just a number, and that looking good isn’t what’s important, because now I know what it feels like to be strong mentally and physically. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and I keep being able to lift more reach new personal records, and it is because of the good technique that I’ve been shown and satisfaction of getting to a new level, plus I do happen to look pretty good now too, so bonus. 


I am the one that first started calling them coach at the gym, and it caught on by the rest of the people in the classes, because they are more than just trainers, they help get the most out of you so that you can be a better you moving forward everyday. I have met a ton of excellent people there that I consider friends, and I recently had my 1 year anniversary and absolutely 100% think that everyone should go there, especially if you think you can’t do it for whatever reason. You’ll probably surprise yourself if you actually put in the time to work on you, for you. Southside Conditioning Club will be there to help you achieve your goals. Nothing feels as good as achieving a goal, no matter how big or small it is, let Southside Conitioning Club be your coach, and get you to where you want to go.


Working out is hard, but here at Southside Conditioning Club it is also pretty fun, challenging, and different every day. I totally recommend it to anyone at any level. I came in a mess and feel stronger everyday. Southside Conitioning Club have top notch trainers, who actually care about your well being not just their pocket book. Prices super reasonable."


- Travis Hart




"Southside Conditioning Club has been a fantastic experience for me. In the past I've done a variety of sports and attended countless gyms; Southside was the first place where I felt that I was actually making progress toward my goals while enjoying the experience. I suffered a somewhat debilitating injury in roller derby a while ago. For a long time I shied away from physical activity for fear of re-injuring myself, until I started going to Southside. The trainers at SCC worked with me so I could get past my injury and my fears. I was able to start slow, participate in group classes, and now I barely notice the injury at all. I've accomplished more than I ever thought I could, and found that I love lifting weights! I've been going to Southside for over a year now and I look forward to the workouts everyday!"


- Sam Hogan



"Before SSC I never realized how many exercises I was doing wrong, how often I could have hurt myself at the gym, and how much of my time and effort I had been wasting. The trainers at SSC care about 3 things: my safety, my health, and my gains. I’m pretty sure they live at the gym, because they are always available. People go in early, and people stay late; the trainers are there, loving it. The trainers love fitness. They love discussing fitness. They love cats. I go to SSC because I know I am not going to get the workout I deserve; I’m going to get the workout I need."


- Andrew Hogan



"After having my first baby I needed some direction, instruction and motivation to get fit. As someone who always played sports but never worked out at a gym this idea of fitness was very intimidating. I started my journey with personal training and value the detailed and targeted introduction that Kaitlyn provided which built my confidence so that I easily transitioned into group classes. The group classes consist of well designed and challenging workouts that continue to build my confidence and produce the results I want and need. I appreciate how much time the trainers at SCC take to personally invest in their clients from answering endless nutritional questions to individual training plans and the organization of guest speakers for members on various fitness and nutritional topics. Now a year later I am stronger and more fit than ever before, firmly committed to fitness as a lifestyle and truly appreciative of the supportive environment at SCC."


- Danielle Ramsay



"I started my time with Southside with personal training sessions and have moved on to small group sessions. I have discovered strength, stamina and determination that I never thought I possessed. Coach Kaitlyn and Coach Jason motivate, inspire and guide me on a daily basis to reach my full potential and exceed expectations that I have set for myself. I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been and I owe it to my friends at Southside."


- Meghan Fraser



"I was fed up with coming up with excuses for myself for not working out and was suffering the effects of working a desk job for the last 20 years. I decided to find a personal trainer who could help get me back into shape and improve my quality of life. I have been training with Kaitlyn at Southside Conditioning Club for about 2 years now and can’t say enough about what an incredible transformation I have seen in myself as a result of her expertise and the program that she has designed for me. Not only is Kaitlyn highly knowledgeable as a personal trainer, but she has a unique quality in connecting with her clients with her great sense of humor and fantastic wit. She has been able to focus on key areas of weakness while building strength in other areas. The results I have seen personally from her training has dramatically increased my core strength, reduced my weight, and increased my self-confidence. Using a personal trainer like Kaitlyn has really helped to motivate and keep me accountable to my personal fitness goals. I would highly recommend Southside Conitioning Club to anyone looking to make a positive transformation in their lives on a fitness level."


- Scott Melnyk



"I don't usually write reviews, however I feel this is pretty worthwhile!! Thank you Kaitlyn, for kicking my butt in each and every workout, even when I complained about it 󾌪. Without your persistence and knowledge I wouldn't have accomplished what I did this past weekend. From barely being able to flip a tire or completing a boxjump, you helped me come so far! So glad to have found you, Jason and Southside conditioning club!! Hope more people check you guys out, they won't be sorry!" 


- Ashley Whiteway, 1st place Novice Team in FEMSPORT. 



"Everyone needs to check out this place. They're absolutely fabulous! I've been going here for a few months now and I'm definitely seeing results! The body composition test doesn't lie. Excellent trainers who care about your safety, with lots of experience and knowledge! Great vibes all around from all the members here!!"


- Nathan Seecharan



Definitely a 5*. The coaches at Southside Conitioning Club are awesome to work with. The workouts are challenging yet rewarding and like they say……"No pain…..No Gain" :)


- Laurise Chedid



An amazing facility and great coaches who really care about the success of their clients. Truly first-rate!


- Anne LaForest



Great trainers! Very good at motivating and helping to reach your goals.


-Stephanie Byrne



Diana Ingram is an excellent personal trainer and coach. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook bring out the best in her clients. She provides planned workouts that are effective and consistently challenging to improve full body fitness and health. Diana is extremely hard working. She is a pleasure to work with and completely dependable. Having worked out with other trainers in the past, we truly appreciate her reliability and flexibility. Her commitment to her clients is commendable.

- Fil and Alexis Ksiazkiewicz



Flexible class times, great coaches who plan and motivate my success 


- Mark Thomson



Very qualified and awesome trainers! pleasant environment and personalized training to your needs 


- Noreen Flanagan



Southside is a fantastic members only facility. The staff have done a great job of facilitating a safe and motivating environment. I highly recommend them! 


- Amber Kay



Great gym, great coaching that encompasses knowledge, work ethic and proper technique. Going to southside makes you want to get up and move! 


- Jenn Prior



Southside conditioning club has made me a better person! I have been going to this gym for just over a year now and I can honestly say that this is the first time in over 15 years where I have made fitness a consistent and even essential part of my life. With out a doubt, I have southside conditioning club and its trainers to thank for that. I have seen huge improvements in my strength, stamina and overall health this past year and I am super excited to see how much I can further improve on these in the years to come! the trainers here are extremely knowledgable and encouraging, while placing priority on each individual's safety and form, they will at the same time push you to your limits!!! Between the trainers and the group of people who work out here, there is such a positive, supportive community of people who I absolutely love working out with, thank you southside conditioning club! 


- Jennifer Davis



I started last year with the SCC Bootcamp with a goal to finish a Spartan Sprint race. The trainers are very knowledgeable and have competed in several different types of OCR events themselves. With their highly efficient training (will not waste your time!) and advice, not only I completed the Spartan Sprint 5k, I ended up completing the Trifecta (5k, 10k, 21k)! Fast forward to today, with the SCC effective small training classes, motivated trainer and group members, I have completed a half-marathon and a handful of OCR events. 


- Kevin Cheung



The trainers are able to motivate me like no one has before, and they make programs that I am interested in. It's a wonderful environment that promotes health, safety, fitness, and strength of all kinds. 


- Andrew



Love this place! They constantly push you to be better and to work harder. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned vet, they hold you accountable and support you in reaching your goals. Great place, great people. 


- Marcus. C


















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