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The Underwear Affair

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Southside Conditioning Club
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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The Underwear Affair

I have to say that I LOVED THIS EVENT!

Unfortunately it no longer runs, but it was had such heart.

The underwear affair is a 5km walk or 10km run, in your underwear! Or ‘costume’. All proceeds went to finding the cure for all cancers below the belt. This is one of the only events that were raising money for below the belt cancer for women. Do not get me wrong men and women below the belt cancer are equally terrible, but there are HUGE campaigns for prostate cancer, we know of it as Movember. Women do not have an awareness month, and this race allowed us to bring some more awareness to down-there-ness for us.

Because it no longer runs, I can't use this blog post to try to recruit you to our team, instead I will banter about prep and fundraising!

Preparing for a 10km run


  1. I always tell my clients, you don’t prepare for a 10km by always and only running 10km. You need to break it down in to 1km runs for time, get better at that and your 10km will be improving with every step. 
  2. You should also go to a running workshop, track and trail hosts them and they go over ‘how to run’, showing you more efficient techniques on running. 
  3. Make sure when you are training to add in strengthening exercises for your adductors an abductors, this will help strengthen your legs and knees. 
  4. Have 1 long run and 1 short run in your training… if you are a beginner start off with long run: 2-3km and short run: half-1 km, and build from there. Don’t jump in too fast, because injuries will happen! 

Now onto the fundraising

We first did this race in 2012, and raised $1,200 as a team. In 2013, we raised $4,000, and last year, 2014, we raised $8,000.

Asking people to sponsor you or donate to the cause gets redundant if you do it 3 years in a row, so here are some ideas for fundraising that worked for us!

  • Doing exercises for donations!
    • As a trainer my clients jumped on the opportunity to make me do burpees! $2 a burpee helped me raise A LOT of money… burn A LOT of CALORIES! 
  • Bottle drive!
  • Create an event and have 50/50 draws, ticket sales, and so on… make a party of it!
  • There are a lot of places that will help out if you are trying to raise money. A great example is Edmonton paintball. They will sell you tickets at a discounted price and you can charge what you want to your players so long as it is fundraising. 
  • Charity Bootcamps!
    • o We host bootcamps and run obstacle course bootcamps and all the proceeds go toward the charity we decide. We help people on our team make the minimum donation for their participation or we just donate to a charity of our choice! 

It is unfortunate that the Underwear affair no longer runs, but there are a lot of options out there to pick from that have great causes and fun themes!

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You're off to a great start! One of our personal trainers will contact you shortly to set up your free consultation.