Edmonton Southside Conditioning Club – Your Private Fitness Club

Southside Conditioning Club features:

  • Private Personal Training Studio room
  • Large Group Training area
  • SCC Exclusive Registered Massage Therapy Discounts
  • Climate controlled building with manual ventilation
  • Large private parking lot with bicycle exclusive parking
  • All this and much more!

Southside Conditioning is unique because we have a community within our clientele all striving for the same goals.

Our vision is to foster a positive community environment for like-minded people working toward various fitness and health goals by providing a one-stop destination wellness center. We not only provide performance training with supervised, directed and scaled attention at all times, but also maximal fitness services in order to ensure every persons success.

Southside Conditioning Club (SCC) is a unique fitness and wellness facility that offers premium quality services all under one roof at rates that meet everyone’s budget.

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